Country Pure Foods helps kids eat their vegetables

Raymond Lee, CEO, Country Pure Foods

You were probably told at one point early in your life that you had to eat your vegetables in order to grow up big and strong, whether you liked them or not. That’s the beginning of the story.

With the passage of federal legislation in 2010, Country Pure Foods Inc. needed to find a way to incorporate vegetables into the products it sold through its school foodservice business.

Country Pure supplies hundreds of millions of portion juices to schools across the United States from locations in four states. Now, it needed to come up with a product where a vegetable juice was the first ingredient.

Raymond Lee, the company’s CEO, gathered his teams from manufacturing, marketing and quality assurance and charged them with being the first to market with a product that would qualify under federal guidelines. While there were fruit and vegetable juices on the market, none had a vegetable listed as the first ingredient.

Lee took the lead on many of the meetings and led discussions on how to market products that would qualify and would taste good so the children would want to drink it.

The result was two products with the fun names, Dragon Punch and Wango Mango. They were designed with colorful graphics, met the nutritional guidelines and perhaps most importantly for the children, they tasted good. Being the first products of their kind on the market, they also positioned Country Pure for future growth.

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