Curtis Brown, president and CEO, Rimkus Consulting Group Inc.

Business Services, Finalist

Curtis Brown took the helm of Rimkus Consulting Group Inc. in 2008 and has led the forensics consulting company through a period of significant growth and geographic expansion. Since becoming CEO of the company, where he has worked for 22 years, Brown has overseen the opening of 10 new offices, including one in the United Kingdom.

Also during that time, Rimkus has expanded into computer forensics, health care and engineering services for the government. Rimkus has achieved all of this growth without incurring any additional debt.

Brown says he learned about business leadership from his father, who was an entrepreneur in the engineering industry, and from Bob Rimkus, the company’s late founder. From those men and others, Brown learned to listen more than talk, to ask questions, to be persistent and to never give up.

Brown and his board of directors as a team run Rimkus from the top down. From the board to the company’s 400 employees working out of 37 offices worldwide, Brown maintains a focus on continual growth and on Rimkus’ core values: customer service, doing the right thing at the right time, and loyalty to both clients and employees.

Among its 400 employees, Rimkus has 15 who have been with the company at least 20 years and 90 who have been with the company at least 10 years. Such loyalty helps the continual success of Brown and Rimkus and the employees are also rewarded for their faithfulness.

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