Customer caring

Patients at Hospice of the Western
Reserve don’t have to change their ways
or needs to be a customer at the hospice.
Rather, the nonprofit, community-based
organization believes in the philosophy of
“Meeting patients and families where they
are.” That means recognizing that everyone is different and respecting patients’
families, choices, cultures and lifestyles.

To reinforce that belief, CEO David
Simpson and Western Reserve, which cares
for patients and families across Northeast
Ohio, created specialized programs for various diseases, including cardio-pulmonary disease, dementia and renal disease. The hospice also created a program called “Peaceful
& Proud,” which provides personalized care
for veterans in an effort to meet specific
needs of patients and caregivers.

In order to maintain this high level of customer service, the hospice continually surveys patients, families and the medical community with which it works.

Ten days after a visit, the hospice sends
patients and families initial surveys, asking
questions pertaining to admission and introduction to hospice care. Surveys are also sent
to families and physicians after a patient dies
as a tool to improve care as well as to evaluate the services and encourage feedback and

In addition to conducting the surveys to
achieve top-notch customer service, potential employees are informed during the interview process about the importance of team-work. Once on board, new employees stay
focused on customer service thanks to the
hospice’s three-month orientation process.
The staff is also taking part in learning the
Adaptive Design process, which is focused
on the staff delivering ideal patient care and
providing every patient with what is needed,
when and where it is needed.

HOW TO REACH: Hospice of the Western Reserve, (866) 747-0142 or