Dana Sellers, CEO, Encore Health Resources

Health Care & Health Care Services – Finalist

Dana Sellers could not have picked a worse time to launch a business. The recession that was rocking the global economy had taken hold and was showing no signs of letting go. She was confident she had the makings of a great business model to succeed in the health care IT services business, but she was starting from scratch, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

On the positive side, she had a handful of co-investors and the support of a loving family. Sellers also had a track record of success, creating a company in the 1980s that provided clinical computing interfaces between areas such as cardiology, ICUs and nurse scheduling.

With all that in mind, Sellers set out to build Encore Health Resources. She wanted to provide solutions that would help companies in the healthcare field spend more time caring for their patients and clients and less time worrying about how they would do it.

She wanted a team around her that she could work with collaboratively to find those solutions.

When she began staffing her company, she looked for people who had goals and ambitions to achieve great things. It was great if they had already accomplished a lot, but Sellers was more interested in what they were pursuing for the future.

She asks a lot, but she also makes sure her employees feel part of the team. Sellers shares as much data and information as she can about where the company is going and what goals lie ahead. The approach has fostered a strong team that works hard for its customers and takes great pride in its achievements.

How to reach: Encore Health Resources, www.encorehealthresources.com