David and Michael Miller, Brightway Insurance

David Miller, co-founder and CEO, Brightway Insurance

Michael Miller, co-founder and CMO, Brightway Insurance

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David Miller

co-founder and CEO

Michael Miller

co-founder and CMO

Brightway Insurance

Creating an enjoyable insurance purchasing experience is an oxymoron to most people.

However, through dedication to quality customer service and carrying a diverse portfolio of types of insurance to ensure the lowest possible price, brothers David and Michael Miller created Brightway Insurance, the first retail insurance provider of its kind.

Under the Miller brothers’ leadership, Brightway does not focus on the bottom line but rather attempts to provide lasting value to its customers, insurance providers, franchisees and employees.

As such, the brothers have a strong conviction that success is a byproduct of a quality offering and the success of those around them.

This business model is beneficial to agents and customers. For customers, it provides more convenient servicing options than are currently available in one location and from a wide range of providers.

Furthermore, Brightway has dedicated professionals whose sole job is to deliver quality customer support. For agents and the company, the model allows laser focus on growing a book of business and being rewarded with higher commission structures for doing so.

The Millers have relationships with more than 100 carriers, which means a customer has dozens more options for better pricing and the best available solutions for unique and specific insurance needs.

In addition to their work with Brightway, David, CEO, and Michael, CMO, are active in the community as leaders and volunteers of various nonprofit organizations.

This includes nonprofit boards for Leadership Jacksonville, the United Way of Northeast Florida and the Jewish Community Alliance.

They support River Garden Home for Senior Adults, American Cancer Society, Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network and a variety of other causes. They also serve on insurance industry and private company boards that direct funds to benevolent causes.

HOW TO REACH: Brightway Insurance, www.brightwayinsurance.com