David Karandish, CEO, Answers

David Karandish, Answers

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David Karandish



The world’s largest provider of questions and answers can trace its origins back to an old computer that was about to be thrown in the trash.

David Karandish received the computer that had been discarded from his father’s business and used it to discover the power of computer programming. As he gained knowledge, he put it to use helping businesses get online at a time when few companies even had a website.

All the while, he was gathering momentum for his eventual purchase of Answers. He had started a business, which, at first, was going to be an e-commerce site that helped shoppers make smart buys. But after challenges cropped up in making that work, Karandish turned to a question-and-answer content model.

The business soon generated a database of 150,000 questions and answers and Karandish was ready to go after Answers.com. The deal was negotiated, and Karandish now had 150 million questions and answers at his disposal.

The company continued to evolve as social media began to take off, and Karandish made another acquisition, bringing his database to an astounding 15 billion questions and answers. He is co-founder of parent company Announce Media.

One of the keys to the company’s ascent has been Karandish’s strong belief in his team.

As CEO, he often will throw out challenges to his people and they’ll respond with doubt as to whether they can accomplish what he has asked.

If Karandish has doubt in his mind, he doesn’t show it, and this support from the top gives employees the boost they need to come through. Employees need to be energized and connected in their work and Karandish makes every effort to give them the forum that they need to succeed.

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