Dealmakers answers questions about post-COVID M&A

Uncertainty is tough on businesses. The uncertainty we’re all experiencing now has affected our ability to look ahead and plan, and that’s really disrupted the M&A market. Bottom lines have been shaken, as has sellers’ confidence in their chances of commanding a good price for their business. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown cold water on what was just a few months ago a white-hot deal market.

So, what now? What might post-COVID M&A look like? Should owners sell now to take advantage of a favorable tax environment, or focus on stabilizing their business until prices climb back up? How do buyers insulate themselves from COVID-related risks — not just those that exist within their acquisition targets, but those facing their targets’ supply chains and customers?

There are so many difficult questions to answer when it comes to M&A, even when we’re not facing a global pandemic, which is exactly why we launched our Dealmakers Conference years ago. The content of our Dealmakers events is informed by M&A experts — investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and private equity investors, as well as owners and executives who have bought and sold companies.

They’re on the ground in this challenging environment, searching the market for deals, preparing their business for a sale, negotiating terms with buyers and sellers, funding deals and transacting. We’ve brought a collection of these experts together to share their knowledge and experience, and help owners and executives chart their path forward. And this year, we’re doing it all virtually.

Our live streaming event will feature insights from a host of expert panelists. Log on, choose a topic and listen as panelists take a deep dive into the most pressing issues affecting buyers and sellers today. Then stick around and ask the folks who have been there and done that whatever M&A questions are on your mind.

Our virtual events also offer an enhanced networking component that allows attendees to mingle and connect one on one with many of the region’s top dealmakers and dealmaking professionals. And because of the digital nature of these events, we’re able to welcome hundreds more attendees than we could accommodate at our live events.

Buying or selling a business is tough. There’s lots to consider. It’s often a time-consuming, exhausting and difficult process that’s marked by uncertainty — and that’s without the complications of a global pandemic. If you haven’t already, visit and sign up for one of our upcoming Dealmakers events. It’s your chance to learn from and network with M&A experts and, without leaving your office or home, meet someone who could offer insights and guidance that could change your future for the better.

Fred Koury is president and CEO of Smart Business Network Inc.