Debted to serve

Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh have
created a business to make a profit but
also to help tens of thousands of customers.

One of the biggest issues facing Americans
is their rising debt. Housser and Stroh recognized two unmet needs in this market: for
consumers to easily learn about personal
finance and for debtors to have their own representatives in the collections process. They
also realized that creditor funding was the
norm for debt relief and a huge conflict of
interest for the consumer.

The two co-founded and serve as co-CEOs
of The company serves as a howto resource for customers to learn about and
actually reduce their debt. It aims to help consumers prevent financial chaos and offers
alternatives to bankruptcy, credit counseling
and debt consolidation for those already in
trouble. is the online portal for
Freedom Financial Network, the country’s
largest pure debt resolution company.

While it hasn’t been an easy trip for them,
the two have worked hard to distinguish
their debt resolution services from the credit
counseling industry, which has been under
intense legal scrutiny. To do that, they developed a clear brand and are now sought-after
experts in the personal finance field.

Housser and Stroh manage $1 billion in
consumer debt for more than 40,000 consumers, and as they look toward the future,
they plan to grow organically by adding new
products. Additionally, this year they expect
to grow revenue by 83 percent.

HOW TO REACH:, (800) 544-7211 or