Develop employees to improve your bottom line

To build teams that deliver results, the groundwork must be laid from the start. This, in part, requires a framework through which strategic hiring decisions can be made.

“The more consistent companies can map their core values to candidates’ motivators in the early stages, it will lead to better decision-making,” says Laura Rohde, director of Human Resources at Skoda Minotti.

After onboarding, it’s important to develop employees. This can be done through coaching, mentoring and individualized training programs.

“By focusing on the individual, employers can better engage employees, which in turn benefits the organization,” she says.

Smart Business spoke with Rohde about strategic hiring and leadership development, and how this impacts the bottom line.

What are the keys to creating a framework to make strategic hiring decisions?

A talent selection framework should incorporate behavioral-based interviews that are geared toward identifying and discovering the behaviors the company wants its employees to exhibit.

Motivational fit questions can be used to gauge candidates’ passion for the job and how well they would fit with the company culture. That means measuring personal motivators against the company’s core values. The Birkman Method®, an assessment tool, is one way to measure the strength of a candidate and his or her personal motivators.

What is the significance of coaching and development programs to an organization?

Employees find success through learning. Fostering a lifelong learning culture helps companies get better. By contributing to employees’ development, employees gain skills and knowledge they can invest back into the company.

The tenets of a good coaching and development program are always tied to individual needs. Strategically, through The Birkman Method®, employers can identify what employees need from the work environment and from colleagues. That information goes into a report that outlines how best to approach a person, and how his or her work should be organized. It’s in essence a cheat sheet for managers that gives them an idea of how a person is wired and how to coach and develop them.

Also, VAK (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) tests can determine the type of learner a person is so managers can create an effective approach to training.

How can companies keep employees motivated and wanting to make change?

Get employees involved and engaged. It’s important that they feel their voice is heard and their input is valued. Treating all employees as owners helps them feel invested in the company.

Consider holding monthly staff meetings at all levels and having open forums. At these meetings, employees should be encouraged to bring forward issues and brainstorm or problem solve to develop solutions for them.

Accessibility is also important. By knocking down barriers between employees and management, they can co-create positive change together.

Also, if someone comes onboard and could be better used somewhere other than his or her current role or department, consider moving that person to a role that can better utilize his or her strength.

What are the keys to developing leaders?

Developing leaders requires delegation, cross training and setting stretch goals, all of which can help motivate the right employees to take their careers to the next level.

Another key is communication. Bring these employees to meetings and on client visits to let them see the company from more of a global perspective.

Managers should be approachable. Make time for these employees. Have an open-door policy, or at least times when they can interface with management.

It’s also important to lead by example. Managers become role models that exemplify the desired behaviors of future leaders, which means they need the self-awareness to know how they come across to ensure there isn’t a disconnect.

A company’s people are its greatest assets. Invest in them. Great employees will deliver exceptional customer service that impacts your bottom line.

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