Differentiating factor

When you call the offices of Barnes
Wendling CPAs, you are greeted by a
receptionist, not an automated system. This is just one of many client service
techniques that President Jeff Neuman and
his team have implemented to set themselves apart from their industry competitors.

The Cleveland-based accounting firm put
several systems in place to allow them to provide top-notch customer
service to their clients at
reasonable rates.

The firm’s two-part
client satisfaction program includes an ongoing
client survey, which is
analyzed, measured and
reported to clients throughout the year. If
any survey component is marked as “satisfied” or below, a member of the firm’s client
service department contacts the client to
find out how the firm can first meet and
then exceed the client’s expectations.

At the end of the year, the client receives
a summary of the survey results, comparisons to the results from previous years
and the firm’s plans to improve scores
going forward.

The second part of Barnes Wendling’s
client satisfaction program is its client visitation program. Clients are randomly
selected and interviewed by a member of
the firm’s client service department. In getting to know more about the clients, the
firm can learn ways to better serve them
and determine areas for improvement.

Another key to providing exceptional
client service is employing staff members
who understand their role in the customer
service equation. Barnes Wendling hired a
full-time human resources manager two
years ago to help the firm attract and retain
employees who understand the firm’s vision.

During the interview process, she asks
behavioral-based questions that give insight
into a candidate’s true “customer and team
member service DNA.” As a result, the firm
has hired staff members who contribute to a
much stronger corporate culture.

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