Doing a good thing


Stewart Pisecco is quite proud of the business he has built with Psychological Software Solutions Inc. But he’s just as prideful, and perhaps even a little more pleased, with the benefits that have resulted from his company’s impact on the K-12 special education industry.

Pisecco was a tenured professor at the University of Houston and had received numerous accolades in the study of child development. But he felt there was more he could do to help schools reach disruptive students. They just needed a proven intervention strategy.

Pisecco developed Review360 as a system that he likens to TurboTax. As with the software that tax filers use, Pisecco’s system gives teachers a way to analyze student data, deliver interventions and track progress.

With Review360, schools have a more clearly defined way to help their students achieve their full potential. And that is a critical aspect in Pisecco’s appraisal of his own company’s success.

The company’s motto is, “Doing good, doing well.” But it is more than just a motto; it is the principal tenet that guides its business model. Pisecco, the co-founder and CEO, wants the product to do well and garner high renewal rates as well as help the financial performance of his business.

But he also wants it to do good in terms of helping students and helping schools in communities everywhere feel as though they are reaching their students and helping them to achieve to their highest potential.

With the success PSS has achieved in special education, the company plans to increase its focus on general education with a spotlight on professional development and academic research and aims for vertical expansion in the K-12 education industry while operating within the behavioral arena.

Pisecco’s approach champions a paradigm shift in how school districts leverage data-driven technology for effective decision-making.

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