Doing the right thing

Victoria Tifft’s motto, “Do the right thing,” has taken on a whole new meaning as community service has crept into her company culture.

Tifft, founder, president and owner of Clinical Research Management Inc., and her husband Quinten, vice president at the research organization, have been generous in donating money and time to local nonprofit organizations over the years, but employees have bought in to the idea, as well, which is paying dividends in the community.

CRM concentrates on educating and enriching the lives of others in the community, and it attacks that philosophy from multiple directions.

One way has been through helping local youth by extending their knowledge in the subjects of math and science and developing future local leaders. The CRM Science Grant annually donates $5,000 to a local elementary school in the Medina area. Recipients have taken innovation to the next level, creating robotics and forensic science programs as well as a community greenhouse.

Tifft also originally created what is now the Medina County Internship Program. Four area high schools have joined in matching students with local companies in the hopes of retaining Medina’s brightest youth to fill the area’s future leadership positions.

Those initiatives are truly just the beginning of CRM’s outreach in the community. As the Tiffts communicated their values and empowered managers to develop programs in support of their “Do the right thing” philosophy, the CRM Volunteerism Program was born. While, CRM partakes in group volunteer activities, such as Habitat for Humanity and food bank drives through the Salvation Army, the volunteer program encourages employees to individually take up the crusade of positively affecting the quality of life in their communities.

From July 2008 to March 2009, more than 725 hours of service had been submitted by CRM headquarters staff. Employees have given time to everything from scouting to animal clinics.

All of this is on top of CRM donating more than $17,000 to local organizations in 2008.

And you can expect more to come. CRM’s latest business strategy — “5 in 5” — includes a goal to make a difference in hopes of growing the company through giving back in the concentrations of science and medical advancement.

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