Doubling up

Robert Shearer, chairman and CEO, Shearer’s Foods Inc.

Over the years, Shearer’s Foods Inc. has gathered many awards for leadership, manufacturing excellence, world-class customer service, sustainability, community service as well as numerous other achievements. Each of these areas plays a role in the company’s continued growth and success.

Known for manufacturing and distributing its award-winning snacks, Shearer’s is also the manufacturer of private label products for select customers in the retail snack industry. During the past five years, the company’s remarkable growth has showed no signs of slowing. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Robert Shearer, the company has doubled its production, sales, facilities, product offerings and associates in the past five years. From 2009 to 2010, Shearer’s also grew its number of employees from 826 to more than 1,600 people nationwide to account for the record 220 million pounds of snacks it manufactured in 2010.

Another significant development is Shearer’s acquisition of Snack Alliance Inc., which is one of the fastest growing branded pack and private label snack producers in North America. This 2010 acquisition was a major stride in positioning the company to service a whole new group of private label and contract manufacturing partners across the United States.

Moving forward, Shearer’s growth shows no signs of slowing. Today, Shearer’s is the nation’s leading producer of kettle cooked potato chips. In April 2011, out of response to market demands and new product development opportunities, the business completed construction of its Millennium Manufacturing Facility, the first LEED Platinum certified snack food manufacturing plant in the world. The development of this facility is a clear indication of Shearer’s focus on the future of its industry, but also its impact on the environment and local communities. Shearer’s Energy Management Program addresses the environmental impact of developing and selling its snacks and the importance of producing them in an environmentally responsible way for future generations.

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