Doug Engfer, Co-founder, President and CEO, Invivodata Inc.

Doug Engfer, Co-founder, President and CEO, Invivodata Inc.


Doug Engfer thought there was a better way to record the data that is essential to the success of clinical drug trials. Before invivodata inc. was launched, patients were asked to record the details of their experience in a paper-based logbook.

Unfortunately, there was no way to know when the data was entered or if it was entered all at once at the end rather than throughout the process. This could have a dramatic impact on the study, and Engfer wanted to develop a better system to track these critically important trials.

It was a tall order as this was the way clinical drug trials had always been conducted. Engfer, the company’s co-founder, president and CEO, basically would need to create an entirely new industry. He had to produce a product that people would believe in and one that would stand up to the rigors of a highly regulated industry.

He brought in people who had expertise with clinical drug trials as well as a spirit of innovation and creativity. Engfer kept the patient in mind the whole time, thinking of what would be needed to accurately present information that would give medical professionals the knowledge they had to have.

Engfer is a hands-on leader, but he’s not a micromanager. He shares his vision with employees and talks with them in one-on-one settings, but he also lets them do their jobs the way they see fit.

The result is low turnover and a wealth of expertise that leads to a great final product. It’s important to Engfer to have a company whose employees feel good about what they’ve done and a customer base that values all that those employees did.

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