Dr. Christopher Newton, President and CEO, Emergency Physicians Medical Group PC

Christopher NewtonFinalist, Services

When Dr. Christopher Newton first joined Emergency Physicians Medical Group PC, he had no interest in one day becoming the CEO of the company. However, the company went through a transition of ownership, and after several scenarios were considered, the job Newton didn’t think he would ever have was his.

As president and CEO of the medical group, a provider of clinical staffing and management services for emergency departments, urgent care centers and clinical decision units, Newton has faced great obstacles that he has successfully overcome. When Newton took the CEO position, the company was highly leveraged, had flat revenue and little growth for several years.

In a short period of time, Newton helped to drastically alter this course for the company, and 2011 resulted in the best growth and financial performance in company history. Newton also led a diverse group of new shareholders and executive leaders to reorganize the corporate structure and create a partnership model to increase engagement and retention of valued providers. Newton also created a business model to fulfill EPMG’s vision by investing in clinicians and creating an environment of ownership, transparency and trust. This resulted in the Trusted Partnership Program, which develops and recognizes employees for their contributions to EPMG and its client sites. The company rewards each level of designated partnership by sharing the corporate profits, offering an opportunity for all employees to enjoy a partnership with the company, which was a shift in the culture of EPMG.

To continue its growth, the company has implemented a strategic growth plan. EPMG plans to grow within current regions, expand beyond existing service areas, and explore acquisitions and new service lines. All of this assists the company to create highly effective emergency departments that help ensure compassionate patient care.

HOW TO REACH: Emergency Physicians Medical Group PC, www.epmgpc.com