Dr. David Faber, president, Trans Ova Genetics

Dr. David Faber, president, Trans Ova Genetics

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Dr. David Faber


Trans Ova Genetics

Raised on a farm and equipped with a veterinary degree, Dr. David Faber took his passion for improving livestock and founded Trans Ova Genetics in 1980 — in his garage, without capital or clients. As an industry pioneer, Faber had to personally develop the company’s foundation of equipment and techniques.

But his efforts have paid off.

Today, Sioux Center, Iowabased Trans Ova Genetics is the global leader in animal reproductive technology, with 16 locations nationally and more than 170 employees.

As president, Faber has grown the company by applying his technology to provide valuable industry services, including embryo collection and transfer, in vitro fertilization, sexed semen and cloning technologies.

Additionally, these technologies have inspired joint ventures, including Hematech, which produces antibodies in cows, and Exemplar Genetics, which produces genetically engineered pigs as medical models.

The company continues to find new applications for its various technologies, making its potential for growth limitless.

But from the start, Trans Ova Genetics has enabled farmers to yield increased numbers of livestock, which speaks to Faber’s ultimate goal: increasing animal protein production to sustain the world’s ever-growing population and to do so in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way.

Faber’s other focus is on developing the next generation of leaders in the industry. In an effort to combat the national decline in students entering related fields as well as the loss of educational programs relating to animal biotechnology, Trans Ova Genetics gives more than 20 scholarships to students in the animal reproduction, veterinarian and biotechnology fields.

The company also sponsors youth livestock events such as 4H and FFA.

HOW TO REACH: Trans Ova Genetics, www.transova.com