Dr. David Kent, Owner, Lifestyle Lift

David KentWinner, Services

Lifestyle Lift, a facial cosmetic surgery practice based in Troy, Mich., was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Kent. The idea for Lifestyle Lift originated one day when Kent was treating a patient for some other issues. The patient asked if he could do something to improve her appearance that would be less expensive than a traditional facelift and that would not entail putting her under general anesthesia.

Kent, who was trained in cosmetic surgery, believed he could do something for the woman using local anesthesia, making it less risky and less invasive and shortening the recovery period. The patient was pleased with the results.

From that starting point, over a period of 11 years, Kent and his team of physicians have evolved a broader range of services, all based on the original model: less invasive, with a quicker recovery and at a lower cost. Kent feels his ability to recognize his entrepreneur skills has allowed him to form a leadership team that has created an infrastructure of systems within the company, which help guide the company to triple its size within the next five years.

Lifestyle Lift has expanded its practice to more than 40 locations in 22 states by finding and recruiting physicians willing to learn how to do the new, less invasive type of facelift and by learning how to select good locations and to manage a geographically dispersed practice not under its direct control.

The company has established an innovation center in Albuquerque, N.M., where it tries out new tools and technologies to improve patient care and enhance clinical outcomes. One of the innovations was responsible for generating 10 percent of the company’s revenue within eight months of its introduction.

HOW TO REACH: Lifestyle Lift, www.lifestylelift.com