Dr. Frank Alderman, CEO, MedExpress Urgent Care

Dr. Frank Alderman, CEO, MedExpress Urgent Care


Dr. Frank Alderman, CEO of medical care provider MedExpress Urgent Care, is a consummate entrepreneur.

The youngest of six children, he and his siblings had limited financial means and depended on one another and community organizations for basic survival. He started working at an early age and put himself through college, pharmacy school and medical school at West Virginia University.

In founding MedExpress, Alderman risked his personal and professional success as an established emergency room physician to promote an untested business model that would re-envision health care.

Exposed firsthand to emergency room overcrowding and unnecessary visits for most of their patients, Alderman and his partners realized the American consumer had significant unmet health care needs, and they knew that they could create a lower cost, more appropriate caring environment in which to address it.

The first MedExpress center opened in 2001, and by the end that year, it saw an average of 40 patients a day. Now, that same center routinely sees more than 100 patients per day, and there are 77 similar centers in five states.

Alderman personally supports a variety of children’s charities, focusing predominantly on schools and organizations that serve underprivileged children, an interest greatly influenced by his personal background.

One of the most robust alliances MedExpress has formed is with the schools in its communities. From sponsoring boards of education to wellness initiatives and career fairs, Alderman is committed to increasing the vitality of the children in its areas’ schools.

Alderman is also a well-known thought leader and visionary among established health care system providers and regulators. During health reform discussions, Alderman was active on Capitol Hill, meeting with congressional leaders about the value of accessible and affordable urgent medical care.

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