Dr. Reggie Chandra, founder and CEO, Rhythm Engineering


As the founder of Rhythm Engineering, a privately held company that creates traffic management systems for traffic signals, Dr. Reggie Chandra leads his team by communicating a vision, defining a plan of attack, then stepping back and letting his team go to work. Chandra, who has a doctoral degree in organizational leadership and is a traffic engineer by training, believes in fostering innovation to provide value to the company’s customers. In Rhythm Engineering’s flagship product, a real-time traffic control system called InSync, that value takes the form of reductions in vehicle crashes, travel time, stops, fuel consumption and emissions in high-traffic areas, according to the company.

Chandra, who grew up in India and came to the United States when he was 27, says he has a passion for improving traffic flow in congested areas, and that passion has translated into significant growth for his company in a short time period. The CEO says his vision is to make Rhythm Engineering the Apple Inc. traffic engineering industry.

The InSync traffic control technology was recently installed at more than 20 intersections around a major Atlanta-area golf club to help manage the traffic flow during a tournament. Chandra and Rhythm Engineering are frequent of The Dream Foundation, a charitable organization that assists adults facing life-threatening illnesses, Chandra encourages his employees to participate multiple charitable events.

While Rhythm Engineering’s revenue is growing the potential for that growth to accelerate is huge company’s InSync traffic signal system is currently in fewer than 1 percent of U.S. intersections controlled by traffic signals.

How to reach: Rhythm Engineering, www.rhythmtraffic.com