Dr. Steve Lasky, CEO, Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc.

Dr. Steve Lasky, CEO, Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc.


Dr. Steve Lasky


Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc.

J. Lasky had a vision for what Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc. could be. Achieving that vision, however, was proving to be a big challenge.

Lasky and three other investors had launched the company with the hope of producing for workers in the life science industry a robust line of products that were both simple and easy to use.

Lasky wanted to make a positive difference in the world, and this company was going to help him do it. But one of the first new technologies the fledgling company developed failed, outraging customers and putting the future of the company at risk.

But Lasky was not about to give up. He took over as director of research and development, raised capital, went back to the drawing board to reassess the makeup of the new technology and devised a product that turned out to be a hit with the market.

Lasky has grown the business through his determination, but as CEO, he is anything but a micromanager in the way he leads his people.

Employees work in teams, and Lasky gives his people the best tools and full freedom do what they need to do to come up with great ideas.

There was no panic when the company struggled because Lasky believed if they worked collaboratively, they would find a way to make their new product work. He considers himself to be an idea guy, but that doesn’t mean he has to provide all the input to make things go.

Rather, he views success as having a team that works hard and is constantly being challenged to come up with a better way to help customers.

HOW TO REACH: Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc., www.aati-us.com