Dr. Stuart Bernsen, founder and CEO, Chiro One Wellness Centers

Dr. Stuart Bernsen, founder and CEO, Chiro One Wellness Centers

FINALIST: Health Sciences

Dr. Stuart Bernsen knows that being a successful business leader doesn’t mean you’ve got to check your ego at the door. In fact, his experiences have shown just the opposite: strong ambition and ego, when channeled into the goal of building a great company and mission, actually have the potential to drive success.

As the founder and CEO of Chiro One Wellness Centers, a chiropractic service care provider, Bernsen has generated tremendous growth and profit results. But the record growth that the company has experienced over the last five years — nearly 600 percent — hasn’t come easy.

When he founded the first center in 1992, Bernsen focused on building a sustainable growth model to avoid the trap of expanding too quickly. While this meant slower expansion at first, part of Chiro One’s unique positioning comes from the ability of its business model to support and empower employees.

Looking to unleash the potential of the talented people within the company, Bernsen has instituted a model that combines employees’ entrepreneurial spirit with the power of group collaboration. It includes giving each of the wellness centers’ clinical directors the opportunity to become an equity partner in their respective clinics. In addition, the company continues to support its clinics in every critical area of business.

Using this model, Bernsen and his team have expanded Chiro One’s operations to 72 clinics. By transferring his vision for health and wellness to his team of 600 talented professionals, he is sustainably driving the organization’s future growth to become one of the largest wellness organizations in the world. ■

HOW TO REACH: Chiro One Wellness Centers, www.chiroone.net