Educate to innovate

In order to remain competitive in today’s business world, you have to be innovative.

For many businesses, survival depends upon whether they will be able to produce the products and provide the services that will be in demand now and in the future.

And one of the keys to becoming a more innovative organization is through the commitment demonstrated by the organization to employee education and training, says Charles Beem, a full-time faculty member at Bucks County Community College and a part-time faculty member at Delaware Valley College.

“Innovation requires education and training. That is what will allow a business to be competitive,” Beem says. “Education and training are directly linked to the ability of a business to be innovative. They are investments that will provide future returns in the form of better products and services and the potential for growth in market share.”

Smart Business spoke with Beem about why business owners should make work force education and training a critical part of their strategic plan.

What are the advantages of education and training in today’s economic climate?

An educated and well-trained work force is necessary for the survival of a business in today’s fiercely competitive environment. When the economic climate is uncertain, a business should be investing more heavily in the education and training of its work force in order to be prepared for future economic growth.

The competitive environment that a business encounters is not only local but more often global, given the continued advances in technology. The creation of a more flexible business organization can be achieved through the organizational commitment to the education and training of its employees.

How does education add flexibility?

The organization that makes investments in the education and training of its employees will be better able to respond more rapidly to the opportunities that may be present in a dynamic environment. The flexibility of the organization may affect its ability to seize the best market opportunities.