Elford shows how we can ill afford to ignore our fellow man

James Smith, president and CEO, Elford Inc.

Medical Mutual 2011 Pillar Award
for Community Service — Columbus

The values that Edward “Pop” Elford instilled in Elford Inc. when he founded the construction company back in 1910 are still quite evident today. He believed honest service and integrity were keys to being a success at anything and made those values a cornerstone of his business. He wanted his employees to be dedicated people who were deeply committed both to their work and to making their community a better place. This philosophy continues today under the lead of President and CEO James Smith.

The business results are clear by the buildings the company has constructed. The philanthropic efforts become visible by way of strong ties Elford has developed in Central Ohio. Whether it’s the annual blood drive held for the American Red Cross or the intern program conducted on behalf of the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corp. or the work the company does for the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center, Elford employees are active in the community.

The company regularly participates in collection drives for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and contributes financially to dozens of charities, service organizations, schools, churches and hospitals each year.

Employees are encouraged to assume leadership roles on boards and directly with organizations that help others in Central Ohio. The goal is not to make Elford look good; it’s to do whatever can be done to help those seeking to help others.

But it’s not just charitable work that the company enthusiastically supports. Elford works hard to help young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry. The company tries to answer questions they might have and put them in the best position to pursue their dreams and become a success in whatever they decide to do.

By maintaining its commitment to these principles, the company ensures years of great work and great philanthropy from Elford and its employees.

How to reach: Elford Inc., (614) 488-4000 or www.elford.com