Elliot Weissbluth, CEO, HighTower

Elliot Weissbluth, CEO, HighTower

FINALIST: Emerging Entrepreneur

Many financial advisory firms talk about putting the needs of their clients first. Elliot Weissbluth wanted HighTower to be a firm that actually put that philosophy into practice.

He created the company with the idea that his team of advisers would not push plans or products on clients that did not fit their needs. The goal wasn’t to make the firm look good, it was to serve clients the best way possible. By providing that kind of exemplary service, success would no doubt be achieved.

Weissbluth gathered the insight and knowledge he would need to lead this kind of firm throughout his career. He wanted to find people who shared his spirit of innovation. His advisers would have the freedom and independence to offer the best advice for their clients in a given situation. But they would also have the backing and support of his firm and its infrastructure, a foundation that is needed to serve the most sophisticated investors.

From the moment the firm was created, Weissbluth placed a high priority on the goals and objectives of his advisers. He wanted them to be true partners in the business and share in the decision-making and the ability to provide great service to the firm’s clients.

That support also extends to philanthropic work, which has always been a top priority for Weissbluth as CEO. He encourages his employees to take the same approach to helping others and supports their efforts to give back to causes that are close to their hearts.

The result is a firm that meets and exceeds its goals on a regular basis and represents great strength and wisdom in the eyes of its clients. ■

HOW TO REACH: HighTower, www.hightoweradvisors.com