Entrepreneur Of The Year

The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year program is a celebration of the entrepreneurial mind
and spirit — a commemoration of what leaders can do when they firmly put their minds toward
achievement and perseverance in the face of possible and sometimes almost certain defeat. It is here
that we have the opportunity to recognize the most courageous business leaders in our communities,
those who have made every sacrifice necessary in pursuit of their dreams.

These individuals put their necks on the line everyday in pursuit of a passion — a unique vision of
what the future can be. These are the entrepreneurs who are in constant pursuit of excellence and
whose hard work is best recognized through the success of their companies, employees and communities.

In an age where faster, better, cheaper has become a mantra, entrepreneurs continually find better
ways to develop, grow and prosper. They take words like can’t and no and turn them into motivational tools. Telling an entrepreneur that something can’t be done is a surefire way to create a future market leader. Entrepreneurs are leaders, and we are inspired by their achievements.
Thanks to the entrepreneurs that have participated in this, the 22nd year of the Entrepreneur Of The
Year program, and more importantly, for continuing the entrepreneurial spirit in Northern California. Also, a thank you to the program’s sponsors, judges and other supporters that have made this year’s program a success.

Northern California award recipients and those from other regional programs in the United States are eligible to participate in the national Entrepreneur Of The Year awards, which is the culminating event of the
Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum. The forum is the country’s most prestigious annual gathering of
dynamic, high-growth and market-leading companies. This year’s forum will be held Nov. 12-16 at the Desert
Springs JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, Calif.

Ernst & Young is proud to honor this year’s Entrepreneur Of The Year finalists and award recipients.

RICK FEZELL is Entrepreneur Of The Year program director. Reach him at (408) 947-6568.