EnviroScience Inc.

Jamie Krejsa, President
Marty Hilovsky, CEO


Jamie Krejsa

Not only are Jamie Krejsa and Marty Hilovsky ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing company policies that support women and their families, but they also support and encourage young women to pursue careers in the sciences and engineering.

As the leaders at EnviroScience Inc., where Krejsa serves as president and Hilovsky as CEO, they have built the business with a family focus that has developed into a strong family-style relationship within the environmental services company.

The company was founded as the brainchild of Hilovsky in response to the changing environment and regulatory changes. Krejsa has been with EnviroScience for 25 of its 27 years and both men managed the company’s growth while also working hard to raise their families.


Marty Hilovsky

Their experience positioned to be cognizant of the challenge of succeeding on both fronts. It’s the delicate balance of personal and career satisfaction in relationship to the company’s long-term growth that sets its culture apart and makes it a regular winner of top workplace awards.

EnviroScience offers work-from-home options, allows for flexible scheduling and provides space for maternity leave without compromising the long-term success of women’s career goals.

Half of EnviroScience’s managers are women, along with half of its workforce. Not only does the company hire just as many women scientists as men, but it’s active in local schools and universities to promote women in the field. It also offers internships and sends out speakers to help engage and mold the newest diverse wave of scientists and engineers.


Andy Zynga

neo_sw_AndyZynga_0416NineSigma’s North America division employs more females than males with a 27-to-21 split. Andy Zynga has helped this statistic evolve substantially. Seven years ago, when he was named CEO, the ratio was more men to women.

Zynga recognized that a diverse workforce was necessary for success and has since hired more women in order to gain the female perspective.

One of the core values Zynga helped foster at NineSigma, which helps organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sector to accelerate their innovation cycles, is to cultivate respectful relationships by being open to diverse perspectives and personalities. It was this attitude that caused him to realize the need for greater female representation on the company’s senior management team. Now, of the 16 individuals on the managers’ team, there is a 50-50 split between males and females, with two of these females representing the company on the senior management team.

It’s also important to note that while women are well-represented at all levels within NineSigma, they were hired in each case because they were the best fit for the position.

Even with the success the company has had in building greater female representation, Zynga is not one to become complacent.

He makes a perpetual effort to help women reach their greatest potential through professional development opportunities. For example, he recently recognized that two female project managers needed further training, and the company provided funding for both of them to obtain their Project Management Professional Certifications.