Clark-Theders Insurance Agency Inc

Medical Mutual SHARE Award

For most things in business, it’s important to have employee buy-in, and when it comes to community service, that’s no exception. Everyone from CEO Rick Theders down the ranks is dedicated to those efforts at Clark-Theders Insurance Agency Inc., and together they’re making a difference in the community.

In 2006, President Jonathan Theders had a vision of a corporate community outreach program, which launched in 2007, and is now called the CTIA cares program. The program empowers employees to be leaders when it comes to contributing and giving back to the community. The program is led by a voluntary committee made up of eight associates, and the program allows all Clark-Theders employees — both full- and part-time — to have 30 paid hours a year to volunteer at any nonprofit organization that they choose. Think about the impact that has on the community — more than 900 hours of service to the community by the employees of Clark-Theders. The program empowers the insurance company’s employees to share their specific gifts and talents in the areas that are most important to them and that interest them the most. The company also takes the opportunity to spread the word about its program to other businesses and their customers in hopes that they may be inspired to create a similar program within their own organization.

In addition to volunteering their time, employees also give their treasure, donating more than $50,000 each year to various local charitable organizations. Some of the organizations that they have donated to are Reach Out Lakota, Hamilton Living Waters, Bake Me Home, Community Pregnancy Center, Matthew 25 Ministries, Kid Glove Way, Nuway Foundation, Junior Achievement, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and many more.

The Clark-Theders team is also dedicated to serving in leadership roles in the community for the organizations that matter to each individual. Everyone from senior leaders to other employees contribute to boards and committees in the community. Some of the organizations that benefit are the Ohio University Alumni Association for Greater Cincinnati, White Oak Christian Youth Group, the Great Oaks Business Advisory Counsel, The Community Foundation of West Chester, and many others.

Together, Clark-Theders proves that when employees are empowered, they’ll rise to new heights to drive the philanthropic spirit within an organization.

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