Evolving technology

To stay competitive in the ever-changing technology environment, companies need room to change and evolve. For Anand “Bill” Julka, founder of Smart Solutions Inc., an evolving business focus was the key to his success.

Julka founded Smart Solutions as a business process improvement company, intent on improving clients’ companies through smart use of technology. And he never lost sight of that goal. But as computers developed and evolved, he realized that his company would have to evolve as well.

At the company’s inception in 1983, computers were foreign to the average business, but Julka saw opportunity in increasing employee productivity through desktop computers. He built his business by introducing computers to businesses and educating users on the capabilities and benefits of computers.

Once computers became more commonplace, Smart Solutions changed its aim to making offices more productive. Julka and his team began developing office networks, increasing employee interconnectivity and improving intra-office communications.

In the third wave of Smart Solutions’ evolution, Julka shifted his company’s focus to increasing productivity across companies as a whole. The company excelled in developing wide-area networks to connect all of a client’s local-area networks, uniting offices in different locations for faster communication and easier document sharing.

Today, Smart Solutions is focused on creating programs to automate business analyses. Automating these processes ensure that every step is performed correctly and that there aren’t missed steps. Human error declines, and accuracy increases.

Operating a thriving business in a fast-paced, highly competitive field is never easy. Julka has kept Smart Solutions Inc. going strong by being open to change, developing a flexible and adaptable approach to business, and always keeping on eye on the future of technology.

How to reach: www.smartsolutionsonline.com; 1-877-742-4433