Eye for detail

Daniel Neyer often jokes that his father,
a man with a constant eye for detail, often
found the “one thing you forgot out of 150
items you included.”

That attention to detail was passed
down to Neyer, president of Neyer
Properties Inc., who now attacks the construction development market with the
same vigor.

Instead of just taking on projects and
hiring team members with the minimum
experience, Neyer makes the culture of
his company about the details of his
vision. Careful never to let one portion
of a project slip away, Neyer believes
that it is every little part of a project that
makes it a big project.

To drive that focus, Neyer has implemented employee evaluations that are
both top-down and bottom-up. Each
employee has measurable and behavioral performance objectives that are
laid out each quarter that they must
meet. The twist is the evaluations don’t
just come from some ivory tower.
Managers who report to Neyer evaluate
each other and they also evaluate him.

The result is that criticism is more efficient because no one just lumps on random complaints. Instead, there is a culture of challenging everyone around you
to do better with the idea that everyone
else is doing the same. The end relationships created through that kind of communication help foster better leaders
and a willingness to be responsible for
the details. In turn, Neyer often finds
that his company is happily looking at
the 151 things that it remembered to

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