Eye on the ball

If a man is only as good as his guarantee,
entrepreneur Anthony Manna must be
great. Manna, chairman of Signet Enterprises LLC, built his empire on a handful of trustworthy promises that ended up
paying off in the end.

Manna’s highly successful career began
while he was a partner with an Akron law
firm. He is one of the lucky few who found a
way to combine work and play. Manna did
this by bringing a minor league baseball team
from Vermont to Canton. Still new to the
game of business, Manna was given 30 days
to convince the Canton Indians to stay in
Ohio. He was able to put together a deal to
build a new stadium for the team and moved
them to Akron two years later.

This was only the beginning of Manna’s successful business ventures and investments.
Since 1990, Manna has purchased two apartment complexes and an insurance agency
through seller-financed notes, which he personally guaranteed. These purchases signaled the start of Signet Enterprises, which
has 17 companies under its belt, including the
full-service law firm that Manna co-founded.

Thinking outside of the box has proven
effective for Manna, who employs “creative
financing strategies” and an approach to succeeding in the business world inspired by the
game that started it all.

According to Manna, success in business is
achieved by focusing less on the “home-run
deals” and more on “hitting lots of singles.”
Manna is not interested in making a quick
buck. He has slowly but surely built his companies from the bottom up, helping to
enhance the quality of Signet Enterprises.

Manna also values the concept of family. He
runs Signet Enterprises with this family
mindset by encouraging a close-knit working
environment. Transcending office walls,
Manna ensures that the family of each new
partner is content with the business situation.

Manna has proven that he is better than his
already outstanding guarantee. In addition to
running a trustworthy company, he has
developed a strategy and focus that work.

HOW TO REACH: Signet Enterprises LLC, (330) 253-5750 or