Nicholas Berchtold, president, Chemical Associates

FINALIST: Energy, Resources and Clean Technology 

Nicholas Berchtold, president, Chemical Associates Inc.

Chemical Associates was formed in 1980 as a supplier of biologically derived organic chemicals. Ever since then, the business has been working to be a leader in the supply of the highest quality replenishable resources in the world.

The business opportunity for the company was and remains the replacement of petroleum-based organic materials with renewable resources. With the leadership of Nicholas Berchtold, president of Chemical Associates, the company focuses on the North American market and customer base. The United States has long discussed alternative energy sources, but has yet to create a modern comprehensive program to accomplish this mission.

Berchtold and his team reviewed the markets and where there were voids to capitalize on. It became apparent that there were numerous resources worldwide available to fill the country’s needs. The market void and economic opportunity resulted in the decision to construct a three-pronged business model to manage this opportunity.

While there are always risks associated with any business venture, Berchtold minimizes them with conservative cash management. The business weathered the crisis of the recent recession, is growing again and continues to self-fund its growth at a compounded annual rate of 20 percent.

Berchtold has helped create a partnership committed to excellence and never-ending improvement with the company’s suppliers and each employee in the business at all levels to sustain the creation of an on-going business.

Today, the company leads the effort in filling the void created by a declining petroleum base. The current market has few suppliers and even fewer companies with the logistic capabilities to import and manage these products. The company continues to invest in assets and logistics as is appropriate to maintain cost advantages to serve the markets and manage the business.

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