Finding inspiration from among the Smart 50

Once again, it’s time to honor the Smart 50. These are people who love what they do. It shows in their excitement and vision.

I know the profiles in the magazine only scratch the surface of what these amazing leaders and organizations are doing, so please take some time to visit their websites and meet them in person at the Nov. 9 event. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be motivated, just like I am every year.

Another inspiration is Rice Energy. Founded a decade ago by a young, inexperienced management team, it is being sold to EQT Corp. for $6.7 billion. CEO Daniel Rice IV, the keynote speaker for the Smart 50 event, shared a story with me that demonstrates some of the skepticism he and his brothers met along the way.

Daniel, his brothers Toby and Derek, and their CFO — all four in their late 20s and early 30s — were riding up an elevator in New York City to their first meeting with a potential investor on their IPO roadshow. A woman gets in, who is probably in her 60s.

“She looks at us and in her New York accent, she says, ‘Are you boys here for job interviews?’” Daniel says.

Luckily, the Rices had faith and were confident in what they were doing, in spite of the doubt. That ability to press on in the face of challenges and setbacks is prevalent among many of the Smart 50 who overcome disadvantages to find success.

Even though I may never start a company, close a merger or be in charge of hundreds of employees, hearing about the great things going on the community always recharges me. We all need that sometimes. Bad news might travel faster, but good news is still worth listening to.

If you’re still in the weeds of a challenge at your company, I hope you can take heart from their example. If you’re looking to be inspired today, start with the Smart 50.