Five steps to get everyone talking about your business


If you are in the game of building your business and your brand to become a market leader, you might just need to simply be more S.A.V.Y!

Consistently, there are four areas to address for your brand to stand out and be seen

Become more business S.A.V.Y.

Sales. Awareness. Value. You.

These four elements are required in any business and yet most brands focus on just one of these at any one time… and yet more sales of existing assets using a campaign generates awareness so you can inject new product lines into the business to add bigger value. An assessment of you and your brand’s key messaging and core values aligns you with your end game to create brand recognition and household name status.

Whatever stage of business development you are at, getting S.A.V.Y creates that next jump in both revenue and awareness for your brand. You could be in the build phase; this is early stage growth and you are building your brand.

You could be in the renovate stage; this is a business with a mature brand or a brand that has been famous but is now lying dormant or in the refresh stage; this is somebody who is doing well but just needs a quick facelift to keep them ahead of the game. No matter which of these stages feels like your business, the road to success is always the same — more sales, increased awareness, bigger value and you leading the way.

Whether your business is large or small, the process is the same for small brands that want to be big and big brands that want to get bigger. Both sets of brands want to achieve stand out status and own their space in the market place. It just so happens there is a single roadmap for all businesses to follow; first, establish the game you are looking to play and then follow the five steps to achieve Brand Fame.

Five steps to achieve Brand Fame

With a suitably honed mind-set and the notion that it’s a game you fully intend to win, all you need now is a set of rules to set you to win in the most efficient and energy conserving way.

Rules you say?

1. Discover the DNA of your brand — Know your gap in the market place.

Know what your key message is, your core values are and what you want to be known for and what you want people to be saying about you and your brand when you have left the room.

2. Create and develop standard and bespoken tool kits that distinguish your brand from others and stand out from the crowd. Build your product vision and service offering so as to offer differing price points that engage multiple audiences on a sliding scale.

3. Connect your product to market using your ‘community’ as the new channel for distribution. Use Halo retail stores, pop ups, e-commerce or workshops and seminars to engage with your network to test and sell your products.

4. Communicate with a killer campaign; Create conversations and engage large audiences using print, digital and social media. Experiential events and partnerships reinforce your influencer following whilst simultaneously building your profile.

5. Evaluate constantly by setting your KPI’s and ROI’s to track your progress, measure your success and reassess your goals; fine-tune your vision and continual evolution of the “plan” to keep you on track with your big game.

Now it’s your turn….

It’s getting easier to build a famous brand, the world has changed to suit the business owner and today with all your tools in place it’s a much smoother journey. Your strong mind-set, entrepreneurial spirit and determination to win the game will be the key ingredients necessary to stand out in any crowded market place. Now go get business S.A.V.Y…

A serial entrepreneur, Linzi Boyd had set and up sold two businesses before the age of 24, her second company (a successful Footwear brand), which had seven global distribution channels, the shoes were recognized in the design Museum as design classics and she sold the business to Caterpillar. At 25, she was onto her third business, Surgery Group.  After years of working on building and developing brands, she published in her No.1 best seller “Brand Famous — How to get everyone talking about your business.”