How to jump start workplace performance in the New Year

Companies and employees often go into holiday mode in December. Then the New Year starts and suddenly executives must maximize their organization’s potential to get things off to a strong start.

But here are five tips for jump starting workplace performance in the New Year:

  • Craft a game plan for January.
  • In that plan, detail the goals and projects that are of particular importance to the overall business plan for the 2016, and prioritize how the organization should attack these tasks in the New Year.
  • Make sure all employees know about the plan and their part in it, before the New Year begins so they can prepare themselves to be mentally ready to return from the holidays and dig in to work.
  • After the first work day after Jan. 1, be sure to send out a company-wide communication setting the tone for the year.
  • On a monthly basis, continue to provide positive feedback and additional motivational support to keep the focus on the goals.

Jim Geier is founder and CEO of Human Capital Consulting Partners, a full service consulting firm, specializing in working with businesses to plan and implement organizational and cultural change management initiatives, organizational assessment, workforce planning, compensation strategies, succession strategies and executive search.