Five ways to handle success in the new year

Being driven, positive and goal-oriented comes with many benefits, as these qualities open up channels for actions that help us reach for the stars and achieve high-powered dreams and goals.

Successful people tend to have positive, driven attitudes and are able to stay positive while juggling multiple demands. They are tenacious, respond to rejection well and are deliberate in finding a way to their dreams. The joy is most often in the journey toward the goal, and once a goal is reached another goal follows closely behind.

Along with success, however, come failures, hard times and tremendous stress. The new year is a great time to visualize your upcoming pursuits.

Believe in yourself
To a large extent, your idea of yourself will determine how you adapt to and create your success. People who view themselves in fixed ways will become more anxious because they will not have the flexibility to open their perceptions of themselves up to something bigger. Because of this goals get stifled and aren’t pursued. Believing in yourself helps you to be resilient.

Being successful requires a tremendous amount of risk and decision-making, which can feel overwhelming when you are under the pressures of pursuing goals. Having anchors in your daily routine will help to ground your thoughts and emotions. Meditate, exercise, stick to an eating schedule or diet, and create time for breathing, contemplation and social exchanges.

Because success has a direct impact on identity it can be helpful to seek a coach to help bridge your ideas and successes. The pursuit of a goal creates an immediate change in your life due to the sacrificing which has to occur. To help you stay balanced, it can be helpful to have outside guidance.

Know when to slow down
Burnout is a part of having success come fast and hard; therefore, let the pursuit of a goal be a process, not an event. It can be hard to slow down if there is a fear of the success going away, so it is easy to get lost in never stopping. Often our most innovative ideas come when we create an open space for them to have the room to manifest. It is intelligent to know when enough is enough and to give your mind a break.

Money isn’t happiness
Money can bring you freedom but it cannot bring you happiness. In order to fully enjoy the external benefits of success you must be happy first with your life and who you are as a person. Start from a place of internal balance and happiness this year. If you pursue what you love, success will surely come.

Each successful person handles his or her gifts differently. For example, research shows that sudden success in the workplace is even more stressful than divorce, often leading to paralyzing anxiety and a deadly drop in performance. While the final outcome is unpredictable, you can regain your equilibrium by addressing internal stressors that are under your control. ●