Follow the Columbus Way to the benefit of all

The energy, spirit and engagement in Columbus seems to be on the rise. That’s certainly true when talking about the Columbus Way, the collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Smart Columbus is a great example of this. Not only did our recent Smart 50 event highlight what’s going on with Smart Columbus, John Ammendola, president and CEO of Grange Insurance, who is this month’s cover, is a big fan.

Ammendola says Grange got involved because of his involvement with The Columbus Partnership, and now Grange has someone representing the company on the Smart Columbus team.

“What we’re trying to do now is say, ‘How can we help Smart City continue to move the ball along?’ We’ve offered up our resources. We’ve offered up people. We’ve offered up intelligence and insights,” he says.

Grange isn’t the only one from the private sector offering to help. In an area with a strong insurance industry, the changing face of transportation not only will impact drivers, but also these major employers.

If cars are talking to buildings and city infrastructure, then Grange, a key and large insurer in Ohio, wants to be on the front end of how and what risk begins to look like, Ammendola says. Like many, the company needs to ensure that both its policies and offerings are relevant.

The opportunity to be a big part of Smart Columbus is not only seeing how Grange can help, it’s also being ready for how Smart Columbus can help Grange.

I think these connections in our society cannot be overestimated. There’s so much overlap. What’s going on in the public sector will impact the private sector. What’s going on in the corporate sector affects the nonprofit sector. What’s happening in this industry all the way over here will eventually change industries that seem to be unrelated.

It reminds me of karma. If you help others with good deeds and intent, then it will eventually come back around. That’s why the Columbus Way is always a smart move.