Four musts when giving a speech or presentation

Want to motivate employees? Improve your communication skills? Express your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely?

Then you need better presentation skills. Luckily, Joe Takash, the president of Victory Consulting, is here to help. In his latest Smart Connection video, “Four Musts When Giving a Speech or Presentation,” Takash highlights the four keys to any good speech:

1. Keep perspective

2. Structure, not script

3. Nonverbal approachability

4. Create interaction

Watch the video in its entirety here.

Joe Takash is the president of Victory Consulting, a Chicago-based executive and organizational development firm. He advises clients on leadership strategies and has helped executives prepare for $3 billion worth of sales presentations. He is a keynote speaker for executive retreats, sales meetings and management conferences and has appeared in numerous media outlets. Learn more at