Frederick Minturn, CEO, MSX International

Frederick MinturnFinalist, Business Services

When Frederick Minturn became MSX International’s CEO in 2009, he inherited a company with declining revenues, poor financial performance and customer satisfaction and 3,000 employees spread all over the globe. To make matters more complicated, the outsourcing business was looking at some of the worst economic times since the depression.

Although many would find it hard to see a bright spot for the company on the verge of bankruptcy, Minturn knew MSX could restore its financial and operational health by growing its business in the right strategic areas. So he focused the company’s resources on enhancing two key segments: building out its retail consulting business, Retail Network Systems, as well as providing recruitment process outsourcing and technical staffing, using Human Capital Systems.

Leading MSX’s talented people and technology resources to better meet customer demands, these steps allowed Minturn to reinvigorate the company’s vision, right-size its cost structure and drive top-line growth in just his short time as CEO.

As the company’s ninth CEO in the span of just 16 years, Minturn brings clarity to the company’s vision and mission. He believes that it’s easy to keep everyone at a company focused on the key objectives if you empower your team. So at MSX, each business unit stands on its own. By having compensation tied directly to key financial and operation performance indicators aligned with the company’s objectives, Minturn encourages team leaders to think as entrepreneurs, strengthening their commitment to executing the company’s goals.

Thanks to the best practices and systems implemented under Minturn’s leadership, MSX is now the top global provider of outsourced business solutions, with operations in 48 countries and 4,500 employees.

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