From the editor

Manufacturing makes the world go ’round, and Northeast Ohio does more than its fair share of it.

Depending on whose numbers you believe, manufacturing still accounts for something like 20 percent of all jobs in the region. It’s hard to get a handle on the earnings contribution manufacturing makes to the area’s total corporate profits, but anecdotal information tells me it’s disproportionately high.

Ohio is among the nation’s top exporters, and Northeast Ohio is among the top suppliers to the auto industry and other vital economic sectors.

Make no mistake, manufacturing is alive and well.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a new feature to the pages of Small Business News.

It’s called “Best Practices” and it focuses on the issues that affect manufacturers in Northeast Ohio.

Presented with technical assistance and support from one of the most admired aids to manufacturing in Ohio-CAMP Inc.-it will run every month in the magazine’s feature section, and will be clearly marked with a little bit of color and some banners to help you find it easily.

The feature is being spearheaded by Associate Editor Dustin Klein, who has a sharp eye for spotting trends and issues in an increasingly technical business environment.

“Best Practices” is our way of demonstrating a commitment to the one in five Small Business News readers who are in the business of making stuff. We want to help them, because prosperity for the rest of us is based on their success.

At the same time, I suspect this feature will have a wide base of interest among readers in the distribution, sales and service sectors, too. Even if you don’t make a product, you probably sell, ship or service manufactured goods-or you support them directly with consulting or professional services.

So while this feature has been created with the manufacturers in mind, I believe it’s going to be of value to everyone who enjoys Small Business News.

Bob Rosenbaum can be reached at (216) 529-8587, or by e-mail at [email protected]