From the editor

Introducing a new feature-about fun

By Robert G. Rosenbaum

All work and no play, as they say, makes Jack a dull boy. To help Jack lighten up, I’m pleased to introduce a new feature, which you’ll find every month on the last page of the magazine.

Akron After 5 is about what you do after (or instead of) work. To make sure we’re highlighting the kinds of places and events that interest you, we’ve tapped two of Akron’s most out-and-about businesspeople to write it.

Each month, Linda Truby, of Above The Crowds Travel & Meeting Planning, and Claudia Bowers, of The Conflict Management & Mediation Center, scour the Akron area to give you a heads-up on what to do when you head out. We’re pleased and proud to have them aboard as contributing editors.

Among the topics they plan to cover are: Benefit events, cultural offerings, nightlife openings, weekend outings, high-end retail offerings, special events and short profiles of people in your social circle who are doing interesting things outside of work.

If you have any events you’d like to see highlighted, just send a fax or letter to Small Business News containing details of your event, to the attention of Akron After 5. We can’t promise to get everything into print, but we’ll try our best.

I hope you’ll like this new departure from our regular package of business information. Its goal is to entertain you, help you entertain yourself, and help all of those businesses and institutions throughout Greater Akron that work so hard to show us a good time.

If you do enjoy it, please reserve your thanks for the Akron Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau. As the sponsor for this feature, it’s their support that makes it possible.

Now go out and play.

But before you do…

How much are you like a high-performing Entrepreneur Of The Year? Working with Ernst & Young LLP, the founder of the annual Entrepreneur Of The Year program-of which SBN is a proud sponsor-we surveyed all previous Northeast Ohio award winners.

Our questionnaire mirrored a study done late last year among Entrepreneurs Of The Year across the United States, allowing a meaningful comparison between all the best and the best around here.

If you assume that these people have succeeded by developing some of the best management practices, you’ll be interested to find out where they get financing, how many times they capitalize, where they ultimately plan to take their businesses and much more. It may give you some ideas on what to think about next.

As for us, we’ve already moved on to the next Entrepreneur Of The Year feature: full coverage of Akron’s players in this year’s awards program. You’ll find that in the July issue.

Bob Rosenbaum can be reached at (216) 529-8587, or by e-mail at [email protected]