Future leaders

If one of your company’s
top leaders leaves, will you
be ready?

According to a recent study released by Employers
Resource Council, just 31 percent of organizations surveyed reported that they
would be prepared if their
top leaders left, while only
25 percent said they have a
formal succession plan in

And just 69 percent of
those surveyed said that they
have the leadership talent
they need to meet current
business demands, but
among those, the average age of senior managers is 51.
Fifty-six percent of organizations say that the rapidly
aging work force is impacting their talent pool.

In terms of specific talent
desired in their future leaders, organizations identified
several critical competencies. Problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills ranked among the
most common skills sought
by employers, while negotiation skills and the ability to
influence others ranked
among the least critical skills
sought by employers to fill
leadership positions.

SOURCE: Employers Resource Council, www.ercnet.org/about/pr-leadership.asp