Gary Jabara, founder and CEO, Mobilitie LLC

Gary Jabara, Mobilitie LLC

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Gary Jabara

founder and CEO

Mobilitie LLC

 In the eight years since Mobilitie LLC launched, the company has become the fastest-growing owner and lessor of wireless and telecommunication infrastructure assets in the country.

Mobilitie, under the leadership of President and CEO Gary Jabara, owns thousands of wireless communication towers across the United States and owns and operates the country’s largest distributed antenna system networks.

Mobilitie helps its partners grow by funding, building and operating cell towers, distributed antenna system networks, and other wireless assets.

The company’s value to the telecommunications industry lies in helping wireless carriers deploy their technology by allowing them to focus on their strength, building out their networks, rather than operating and maintaining their wireless assets.

The company does this by ensuring flexibility on existing tower sites, funding new capital requirements and playing an advisory role to clients.

Mobilitie enables carriers to retain operational flexibility without having to assume capital costs.

A prime example of Mobilitie’s work is its fiber optic distributed antenna system network in New York’s Central Park, the first of its kind in the National Historic Landmark park.

And closer to home, the company was called on to add wireless sites along Southern California Toll Road 241.

By enhancing cell coverage for commuters, Mobilitie helps improve driver safety and convenience.

Mobilitie LLC has shared its success with the community through gifts of school computer labs, volunteering and donations to cancer research foundations.

By using the proceeds from a recent asset sale, Jabara will pay off debt and reinvest in Mobilitie. Mobilitie’s plans for future growth include migrating the company from the nuts-and-bolts side of telecommunication infrastructure to the bits-and-bytes side, such as carrier-grade Wi-Fi.

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