Gary Rabine, CEO, The Rabine Group

Gary Rabine, CEO, The Rabine Group

FINALIST: Master Entrepreneur

Gary Rabine enjoyed working for his father’s business growing up, cultivating a knack for grading yards and driveways. Later, working for a family friend’s paving company, as well, Rabine realized that paving was his passion. At just 18, he started his own paving business, partnering with his dad and enlisting help from school friends.

Thirty years later, Rabine has grown the organization significantly in size, staff, revenue and services offered as CEO of the Schaumburg, Ill.-based Rabine Group. The companies of The Rabine Group provide a wide range of local, regional and national services beyond paving to the commercial, industrial and utility facilities industry, including roofing construction and maintenance, fuel and oil distribution, snow and ice management, and pipeline televising.

The last decade has seen 2,000 percent growth, due in large part to Rabine’s dedication to product innovation. He employs a team of pavement-specific engineers to develop engineering and long-term solutions for clients. This team has created industry-leading pavements that last longer, perform better and cost less.

One example is UltraLot Whitetopping, a concrete overlay over existing asphalt that lasts 100 to 200 percent longer and costs much less than an asphalt overlay during a 15- to 20-year span. Another is the team’s improvement on pervious concrete, which is able to drain storm water instantly and naturally filter it through the pavement — eliminating erosion and reducing the chance of downstream contamination caused by runoff.

The Rabine Group doesn’t keep innovation to itself, however. Its Rabine Academy teaches partners and clients about pavement and roofing management trends. The company also shares knowledge and expertise through seminars using the Rabine Academy Auditorium, Roofing Design Center and Pavement Design Center. ■

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