Generating leadership

Julius Steiner is a forward-thinking leader who often finds himself going back to the basics.

Does it sound contradictory? It really isn’t.

Since 2007, Steiner has been the chairman of Gamesa USA, which oversees the U.S. operations of Spanish company Gamesa Technology Corp. The company focuses on developing renewable energy sources, particularly in the field of wind power, and Steiner led its wind power operations for the $4 billion company in generating $4 billion in worldwide revenue in 2008.

While the U.S. operations are expanding and Steiner and his leadership team need to focus on new potential technologies and growth avenues, he prefers going back to the basics to make sure that happens. Throughout Steiner’s business and law career, he has found that by focusing on the time-tested methods of communication and culture building, he can make more progress.

So in order to get Gamesa’s more than 1,100 U.S. employees moving forward with him, he focuses on these two facets of leadership. Here are his keys to successfully communicating and building your culture.