getMADE$ episode one: 9-year-old multi-millionaire Isabella Barrett

Yash Semlani is not yet 10 years old, but he’s already:

  • Won the 2014 EY Youth Entrepreneurship Award, Texas Governors Youth Entrepreneur Award and most recently the HBJ inaugural 2 under 20 award.
  • Set a new national record of $5,056 in sales and $4,535 in profit at a lemonade stand and donated more than $6,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital with a matching donor. He also helped raise an additional $59,000 by launching the hospital’s fundraising campaign.
  • Founder of a non-profit MADE, which is a platform to empower kids on his generation to follow their passions by learning business skills and giving back.

Add to that abbreviated list of accomplishments the start of his online program, getMADE$.

In the first episode, Semlani interviews former Toddlers & Tiaras star Isabella Barrett about her Glitzy Girl Collection. Semlani talks with the 9-year-old multi-millionaire about the product line, trade shows, design, distribution and more.