Getting connected

Pittsburgh companies apparently have pushed past the national trend in networking their computers together.

According to the latest results of the IKON Index, a national survey of 1,200 MIS managers at mid-sized companies, 50 percent of Pittsburgh companies surveyed have their entire computer systems networked. Nationally, only 42 percent of the companies are connected. Another 20 percent have partial networks, and 29 percent plan to make the connection over the next three years.

Another telling finding: Forty-four percent of those Pittsburgh companies surveyed say they rely on their CEO and other top management to make the final purchasing decision when it comes to new equipment and technology. In addition, 69 percent of Pittsburgh companies have access to the Internet, up from only 45 percent a year ago, and 73 percent use the Internet as a research tool. And 70 percent use the Internet for internal communications.

The IKON survey included companies with more than 50 employees and $5 million in revenue, throughout 15 major metropolitan cities.