Getting the stamp of approval

Neopost, developer of the first electronic postage meter, is doing its part to save companies time and money.

Neopost has received approval from the U.S. Postal Service to begin commercial sales of Simply Postage. The PC-integrated postage solution ends waiting in post office lines and lets businesses download and print postage directly from their PCs.

The unit’s hardware component is a small, secure metering and thermal printing device that connects to a PC’s standard serial port. Postage for all classes of mail is digitally stored within the hardware and printed on self-adhesive labels. The unit sells for substantially less than postage meter machines and the software component allows users 24-hour access to Neopost’s Postage-On-Caller system for downloading and storing up to $500 worth of postage.

The system is available via the Internet at and through a toll free number, (800) 624-7892. Simply Postage will be sold in major office equipment retail stores later this year.