Giving all year

At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, charity means more than a few isolated opportunities. It’s an ongoing commitment because founder and CEO Carmella Calta sees a connection between serving clients’ needs and serving the larger community.

Through the SSE Monthly Give Back Program, employees choose an organization to support each month, providing a constant flow of time, effort and donations to meet needs in the community. All 17 corporate employees participate in these programs with help from clients, assignment employees and others in the community.

Throughout the year, Staffing Solutions collects donations from employees in exchange for the ability to dress down at work. That money goes to many of their monthly charities, from March of Dimes and Habitat for Humanity to the Special Olympics and the Hattie Larlham Foundation.

But the company gives more than its money. Their support for Project Love, for example, came through communication when they helped spread the word on the charity’s cause by sending information to assignment employees. Other organizations like Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation were featured in the company newsletter to educate employees about volunteer opportunities.

Employees also donated dog food, leashes and chew toys to the Animal Protective League and created tote bags stocked with travel-sized personal items for The City Mission.

They put a personal touch on their outreach, too, by writing letters to the troops through USO.

But their service isn’t limited to organized charities. Staffing Solutions also recognizes individuals in need. For example, employees collected money for an iPod, along with encouraging letters, to send extended-stay hospital patients in the area.

All of these opportunities are voluntary for employees. Still, it’s obvious that they take advantage of the chances to give back. Staffing Solutions employees reached the goals they set this year for their annual Pacesetter Campaign for United Way — 100 percent staff participation and a 5 percent contribution increase over last year.

The employees’ reward, in the case of dress down days, is simply the freedom to dress casually. But regardless of what they wear or how much money they can donate, they can still participate in the broader benefit of giving back to their community.

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