Giving feels good

Giving triggers something deep and dormant. It makes us feel whole, alive and happy. It feels good. You know it, your employees know it and so do your customers.

What makes giving so great? It transforms lives and everyone can do it.

Creating a culture of giving within your organization generates a current of positivity among your employees, the community and your customers.

Relying on the generosity of others

Here at Flying Horse Farms, we rely on the generosity of others to continue our mission of providing transforming camp experiences to children with serious illnesses — free of charge. From the perspective of camp, gifts come in a variety of forms — time, talent and treasure.

Volunteer work crews give by scrubbing floors, mowing acres of grass or making cabins clean and tidy for our campers. Medical volunteers give by coming to camp and offering their healing know-how.

Individuals give by serving on our board, providing counsel in their areas of expertise or offering their unique skills with specific projects. Staff members give by volunteering time above and beyond their typical workweek.

Companies give products and physical items necessary for running camp. And all donors give essential funds to underwrite camp programs, operations and capital expenses.

Creating a culture of giving

If you’re thinking of creating a company-wide program, you should know the investment is well worth it. No matter how small or large of a program you create, all of it matters, anyone can do it and it will be incredibly rewarding.

A culture of giving creates a chain reaction of goodwill:

  • For your employees — When your staff members participate in a giving program, whether contributing time, talent or treasure, they get to know and identify with their co-workers while doing good for others. It helps them see the best in each other and encourages deep and lasting relationships. Those positive relationships enhance day-to-day work experiences, making your workplace happier and more harmonious.
  • For your customers — When your company is actively engaged in giving to organizations in need, customers take notice. Your customers are invested in your success and how you choose to benefit the community, because how you utilize your profits and your sphere of influence matters. Generosity goes a long way to showing customers that you’re using your resources with care.
  • For your community — A strong, healthy, happy community is good for the neighborhood and good for business. When your company and employees actively engage with the community, everyone benefits. Giving back puts your company in a positive light, creates a stronger customer base, and shows your employees, customers and constituents that you are wholly invested in advancing the local community.


You lead by example when you create a culture of giving within the workplace. Encouraging philanthropy from the top down demonstrates to your staff, your customers and the community that giving is simply the right thing to do. And that’s something everyone can feel really good about.