Go West(moreland)

If you’re looking for a new site for your business, there’s $2.5 million going to Westmoreland County that might help you find it there.

The funding comes through various state programs and will be administered by the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation to develop three economic development projects throughout the county.

1) An estimated $1.25 million in funding from the state’s Infrastructure Development Program has been earmarked for the expansion of the Monessen Riverfront Industrial Park redevelopment project. The first phase, 250,000 square feet of renovated building space, was completed in 1996, and boasts an 82 percent occupancy rate.

The second phase involves the extension of an access road to connect the first two phases, which will provide access to U.S. Route 906. As part of Phase II, there will be immediate access to six parcels of property, totaling approximately 18 acres, along with the development of infrastructure to an additional 29 acres.

2) In the I-70 Industrial Park, the WCIDC will proceed with the construction of an access road and entry road upgrades on behalf of Dick’s Clothing and Sporting Goods Inc., which is constructing a 383,000-square-foot distribution center on the site. The $372,000 grant came from the state’s Infrastructure Development Program.

3) In East Huntingdon Township, $875,000 in State Opportunity Grant Program Funds will be used to help develop the Westmoreland Distribution Park, a facility that will aid the trucking service required by the adjacent Sony Corp.’s operations ,as well as other new or expanding distribution companies.

Ray Marano